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Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.: Author of 21 Books for/about Boomers


For Consumer Brands: 
Motivating Boomers on the Deepest Levels

Some brands are doing a better job connecting with Boomers than others.  The key is to dive deep into the Boomer psyche and zeitgeist through immersion into the history, psychology, sociology and anthropology of the generation. To learn more about our offerings for consumer brand marketers, click 

For Financial Companies: 
Getting it Right with the Boomer Client

Are you taking full advantage of the biggest marketing opportunity of our times?  You've not only got to get the tone just right, but understand the individual Boomer's needs, desires and expectations at the deepest levels. To learn more about our programs for financial advisers as well as client outreach, click 

For Healthcare Organizations: 
Boomer Outreach and Customer Satisfaction

Aging Boomers are important consumers of healthcare/wellness products and services.  They have many of the physical concerns of previous generations, but their own unique take and expectations on aging.  To ensure that you get the message right, click HERE

For the Aging Community: 
Engaging a New Generation "Coming into Age"

Boomers are key decision-makers when it comes to aging parents.  But they are also making plans for their own rapidly-approaching futures.  To access the new sensibility, language and programming, click HERE

For Religious Institutions: 
Thriving Age-Inclusive Congregations

Participation in organized religious life by Baby Boomers is declining at the same time Boomers are seeking meaningful engagement.  To learn more about our consulting services, as well as hands-on programming, that will connect, motivate and inspire the Boomer generation, click HERE

For a free subscription to the online publication Fierce with Age:  The Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality, click HERE.

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